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UF Division of Student Affairs

The following projects were completed during my time as a student designer for the University of Florida. Each project differs in subject matter but follows the similar thread of capturing gator spirit and the student experience. All the graphics shown are my own and representative of my contribution of work within a team. In collaboration with Mickey Howard & the Division of Student Affairs.

Project Type

  • Branding & Identity
Animated GGW Logo

The Great Gator Welcome.

The University of Florida welcomed about 14,000 new students in the Fall of 2020. Rebranding a traditional welcome week, The Great Gator Welcome served as a welcome week of both in-person and virtual activities to hype up incoming students for an unforgettable student experience. I was involved in creating a completely new brand for the events and developing many of the graphics being presented in printed materials and across university media platforms.

Bright variations of the university colors, orange and blue, and bold graphic elements were combined to build a visual representation of gator spirit and excitement for the upcoming semester. For welcoming students back into the spring semester, the system was expanded to include The Great Gator Welcome Back.

GGW Twitter Card
GGW Logo 1
GGW Logo 2
GGW Email Banner

UF Preview.

Every single incoming student to the University of Florida is invited to participate in Preview, a traditionally two day orientation event where they get to experience the campus and life as a gator undergraduate. The Preview visual identity is tailored to provide personalized experiences for the different types of incoming students: Freshman, Transfer, and PaCE(online).

Unfortunately, my team was working on the project during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our materials, which were mainly print based, had to be reworked completely for an online environment. Since we were diving into uncharted territory, it allowed me a designer to explore and expand the existing system. Despite challenges, we were able to work with web development teams to craft a seamless and visually cohesive online orientation experience.

Freshman Intro Card
Transfer Intro Card
PaCE Intro Card
Preview Card
Preview Card
Preview Card

First Year Florida.

First Year Florida is a course offered to incoming students that teaches them about traditions at the University of Florida and introduces them to the Gainesville area. It is a course taught by student leaders, and the following graphics were developed as part of the recruitment process for finding new First Year Florida Peer Leaders. Using the concept of a ripple effect as inspiration, we wanted to create an visual system that emphasized the impact an individual could have on other students and the continued effect they could have on the gator community.

First Year Florida Information Session Graphic
First Year Florida Twitter Card