William Walker.

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Pawpal is app developed to help reduce anxiety for new and experienced pet owners alike. Owners can avoid costly and unnecessary vet visits by having easy access to their pet’s medical history and vet professionals.

Project Type

  • UI/UX
  • Branding & Identity


As a relatively new pet owner, there is a lot of anxiety in the early stages of ownership over the well-being my animal and whether I am taking care of them properly. There were many times that I wanted to ask questions to a vet, but didn’t think that it was necessary to schedule an entire expensive vet visit. Pawpal is a solution to that issue and allows you to create a profile that tracks your pets health and allows you to communicate with veterinarians from the comfort of your home. Having an application with centralized medical information and access to a network of local vets would have calmed that anxiety quite a bit. I developed the branding and identity for Pawpal as well as created the application’s interface.


I started the app development process by creating a user flow chart and establishing the movement of the user throughout their experience. This helped to inform the lo-fi wireframes that created an internal structure and a hierarchy of information. I used Figma as my main development software, and based on the lo-fi wireframes I was able to create hi-fi wireframes that fine tuned details from earlier steps in the process. Development of the branding and identity coincided with the development of the interface and influenced each other.

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It was important to develop a brand framework that was fun and inviting, but still presented as a professional, trustworthy resource. I wanted clients and potential new users to secure when looking at the logo. The four primary colors are based of colors you would generally see within a sterile environment like a vet’s office and are paired with high contrast shades to communicate playful, yet legible information.


I sought to create an interface that made it easy to develop a profile for your pet as well as keep accurate records of your pet’s health. Once you set up a pet’s profile, all the information is centralized onto a single page and can be easily shared with local veterinarians.

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